11 tips for writing the perfect SOP (Statement Of Purpose) for MBA

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Do you wish to get an extra edge on your profile as hundreds of foreign universities consider your candidacy? What is it that makes you stand out amongst those thousands of applicants? Your SOP. The statement of purpose (SOP) is an application essay that can get really get your ball rolling when it comes to admission processes. You might wonder what is it that the universities want to know apart from your grades and profile. Well, this is just it, SOPs are a great way to interact and put up your perspectives, goals and ambitions across the universities. So, don’t mess up on this. You can definitely opt for professional SOP writing services in Delhi as there are multiple options to choose from. These professional SOP writing companies in Delhi have a set of skilled writers who know exactly how to put your ideas and passions across rightly. Investing in creating the perfect SOP might work wonders for you as it lets your profile shine out as something different, authentic and interesting.

Why is a good SOP important?

A well drafted SOP is extremely important for you career especially if you are an MBA applicant because of many reasons. SOPs can really act as a narrative entry to your profile and because MBA is one of the most compelling and lucrative course in the market, the competition to get through is deadly. Also, the MBA applicants are much more experienced and have a history of experiences and choices to explain. Therefore the SOPs become an important aspect of your admission processes as it helps the authorities in assessing your ability and commitment to the program. It is a great way to downplay your weaknesses and speak for your strengths. The grades and CGPAs doesn’t let your personality shine out, the SOPs act as a tool to pave out your way up the ladder. You can find and hire professional SOP writers in Delhi to help you draft the perfect SOP and get into the University of your dreams.

Features of a good Statement Of Purpose

1. Originality — The SOPs assess your personality and attitude in general apart from your academic performance. It has to be original with some personal touch and it should stand apart in the crowd. It should be a story about your experiences that have led you to this decision of pursuing an MBA.

2. Conversational — The SOPs should not include a bunch of facts and figures of your achievements. It has to be drafted in a conversational tone to engage the interest of the authorities. It shouldn’t simply state facts but relate stories about your experiences and journey.

3. Short and crisp — There is no space for exaggeration in a SOP. Try to use an easy to understand language that is concise and precise. Use the right words, don’t boast off and tell but show your talents and achievements through your personal experiences. Remember that brevity if your best friend here.

4. Includes research — Do your homework and draft a SOP that is unique to your program and not something in general. Talk about the specificities of the particular MBA program and demonstrate how your passions and interests resonates with them.

5. Persuasive — It is important that you write compellingly, it shouldn’t sound too cocky or showy, and yet it should be persuasive. The key is to be enthusiastic and honest about your deliverances and experiences. Your keenness should reflect in the SOP.

Tips for writing the perfect SOP

1. Take your time — You cannot open your laptop and just start framing your life stories. Think before you start writing and assess what you want to communicate through. Take your time to decide what all do you wish to include in your SOP. Self-reflect before you commit to the task of writing.

2. Incorporate stories not facts — If they wanted facts, your academic performance and profile should have been enough. While writing the SOP try and communicate your journeys and experiences through the art of story-telling. Don’t just state facts but add that personal touch.

3. To the point — It is important to be specific about your goals, passions and interests. Don’t ramble about your love for business but demonstrate your key interests in the program and how do you plan to go about it. Why just this course and not something else?

4. Demonstrate your achievements — There is a difference between showcasing your talent and achievements and boasting about them. Let your experiences, language and research projects speak for themselves, don’t flaunt ostentatiously.

5. Keep it formal — It is important that you adhere to the particular font style, size and keep it formal. The idea is to keep it conversational but don’t overdo it. Remember you are after all contacting the authorities. If you find some difficulty you can opt for official SOP writing services in Delhi and get some professional help.

6. Community fit — Don’t just talk about yourself, explain how you will fit in the culture and community of a foreign space. What can you bring to the table, and how do you plan to mingle in an alien space. Explain how your goals align with the environment and zeitgeist of the course and university.

7. Represent yourself — Think about how do you want to portray yourself? Imagine being on the other side of the table and try to indicate a personality index that you wish to represent. From a passionate individual, to a responsible citizen, your interests, passions, everything that you think is good about you and you wish to convey.

8. Address and explain past mistakes — One of the most effective tips to write a SOP is to address any past mistakes. It could be your low CGPA, or a gap year, any behavioral misconduct. You can address these things and provide a clean slate for yourself. Express your gratitude for coming through all of it.

9. Write about future goals — Explain how do you wish to proceed further, talk about your action plan. How do you plan to aid the knowledge you gain at the university to progress further in life. Talk about your participation in the cultural activities of the institute, from small aspects to bigger challenges in life, you can demonstrate your plan of action.

10. Proofread and edit — You can never be too careful when it comes to drafting a SOP. Read and edit again and again before submitting the final draft. Avoid making silly many mistakes, don’t be too wordy or showy. Any grammatical and language related errors are a strict no. A minor mistake can take your profile down, so proofread it and edit until you are satisfied. You can also hire professional SOP writers in Delhi to just proofread and edit your SOP.

11. Professional advice — You can contact various SOP writing companies in Delhi and ask for some professional help. You can ask them refine your language or opt for their editing services. The SOP writers in Delhi are skilled and experienced in this field.

These were a few tried and tested tips to write the perfect SOP for MBA applicants and in general. Framing the ideal SOP is a tricky task because you want to convey a lot of things and yet have a strict word limit. Scribblers India is one of the best SOP companies in Delhi that you can contact with to create a perfect SOP. It is the final document that adds an extra edge to your candidacy profile, so give it your hundred percent.



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